“Robert, we will miss you. Shalom” -Rev. Samuel Rodriguez
May 29, 2017
Rev. Samuel Rodriguez endorse The Identical Movie
May 29, 2017

Who am I? Why am I here?

No matter what age, ethnicity, gender or socioeconomic class you are in, these questions have crossed your mind. They are common questions that deserve an answer.

The Identity Series takes on these difficult and soul-searching questions by bringing in well-known teachers, authors, speakers, leaders, and researchers to reveal bold answers that apply to everyone.

Do not miss a single episode, whether on TV or online! You will find clarity, encouragement and peace to be able to confidently answer the questions for yourself.

Don’t Miss renowned speakers like Max Lucado, Lisa Harper, Lee Strobel, Greg Groeschel, Bishop George Bloomer, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez and many others bring Biblical perspectives to themes from the movie The Identical in a 14 week Bible Study Series FREE when your group of 150 or more buys tickets to see the film in a theater near you on opening weekend (September 5).


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