Blessed Are the Courageous
June 3, 2017
Immigration and the Changing Contours of Religious Pluralism in the United States
June 3, 2017

Breaking News from the Hispanic Church

March 2006 – The World Relief Organization, the relief and development ministry/organization of the National Association of Evangelicals, is the leading voice within the non ethnic church calling upon Congress to enact Comprehensive immigration reform. “We call for immigration reform because each day in our congregations, service programs, health-care facilities, and schools, we witness the human consequences of an outmoded system. We see and hear the suffering of immigrants who have been separated from their family or who have experienced exploitation in the workplace or abuse at the hands of unscrupulous smugglers and others. In our view, changes to the U.S. legal immigration system would help put an end to the suffering, that offends the dignity of all people made in the image of God.” In the United States and 24 countries around the world, World Relief works with local churches in creating sustainable solutions that help the desperately poor. World Relief’s programs include disaster relief, refugee and immigrant assistance, AIDS ministries, community health programs, agricultural development, and community banking.

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