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On Sunday, May 19th, thousands of Pentecostal Christians from the Church of God Pentecostal Movement International filled the Ballroom of the Puerto Rico Convention Center to capacity for Pentecost Celebrations. Special guest Pastor Samuel Rodríguez, known for his conservative views and appearances on international networks like CNN, attended the event from the United States.

The Church of God Pentecostal MI, a Pentecostal Christian organization, is renowned for its significant spiritual contributions and emotional support in Puerto Rico and over 90 countries for more than 100 years. In Puerto Rico, the IDPMI has a presence in all municipalities, encompassing around 566 congregations. Their social work has made a substantial impact on communities across the country through financial aid, emotional support, spiritual assistance, and the revitalization of homes for low-income individuals, the elderly, and the bedridden.

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